Monday, May 25, 2015

Let's Get Back At This!

Many apologies!  A lot has happened since I last posted on here.  I will do my best to catch you all up on everything and do better in the future to make regular posting a committed back of my schedule.  Up until this point, I have been sharing my story in small chunks.  I have recently been asked to share my story a few times as the subject of conversion therapy and efforts at changing a person's sexual orientation continues to be a hot topic in our society.  One of those requests to share my story came form the Reconciling Ministries Network.  This is for a post to their blog.  My original draft was far too long, but I've decided to share it on here as a multi-part post.  I will be putting that up as well as links to other recent events in my life.  It feels good to be posting again, and I certainly hope you will all be gracious enough to forgive me for my absence and come back to read.  Hopefully, the message of this blog reaches someone who needs to hear and know that there is a place for them regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or faith perspective.

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