Tuesday, May 17, 2016

To Schism or Not to Schism?

"We are not advancing any plan to separate the denomination... At the same time, we remain open to any new beginnings, new plans that people may bring to the table.”

“This may be the time to let the Holy Spirit work to allow us to imagine a new future."

-Bishop Bruce Ough, President of the Council of Bishops for the United Methodist Church

Bishop Ough, this morning, brought a level of peace to some and only more questions to others.  While his statement indicates that we can expect the Council of Bishops to not present or take significant action to encourage or advance a plan of separation, it does not take off the table the possibility of someone else introducing such a plan.  The only thing that is certain at General Conference in Portland is that the future of the United Methodist Church remains uncertain.

~ Culbs

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